Our Programs

The Game of Golf has evolved and the use of technology is a must in order to learn and grow as a player. With the best technology offered the Warren Schutte Players Academy digs deep into the 8 fundamentals that Warren used and monitored while competing. A Radar based launch monitor, Flightscope, is used to learn about ball flight, My SWING is the latest 3D swing technology using sensors to track the swing and gain a better feel and understanding on the swing. Blast technology is used when putting and gives players instant feedback on their stroke allowing for quick and immediate changes. V1 software is used in conjunction with all this technology to view and analyze the swing. While using this technology to gain a better understanding of one’s technique the Players Academy and Warren believe there is no one swing for all players but all players can make effective changes and can all achieve the 8 Fundamental positions needed for better golf. Golf Schools and Private Instruction is offered throughout the year and be customized to fit anyone’s needs.